Poison Spyder TJ DeFenders 3in Tapered Flares (Steel)

Poison Spyder TJ DeFenders 3in Tapered Flares (Steel)

Poison Spyder TJ DeFenders 3in Tapered Flares (Steel)

By: Poison Spyder
Part #: PSC14-02-040
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Product Description

TJ DeFenders 3 Tapered Flares (Steel) for Jeep Wrangler TJ 1997-2006. Poison Spyder raises the bar for Jeep fender armor DeFenders are the next evolutionary step beyond "tube fenders". CNC laser cutting and precision brake-forming yield a stronger, more functional, better-looking fender than the tired, out-dated tube fender design.

DeFenders provide protection to your Jeep during hard core trail use as well as increased clearance for larger tires and suspension articulation. The wheel opening is approximately 4" wider than the stock Jeep fenders, and about 3" wider than old school tube fenders.

  • Fabricated entirely of heavy duty 3/16 plate steel, CNC laser cut and brake-formed
  • Larger wheel opening compared to stock flares and most aftermarket tube fenders
  • 3in Tapered Flare provides tire coverage and spash protection at the rear of the wheel but tapers at the front for better clearance on tight trails
  • Bolt-in insert plate makes installation easy
  • Installs by re-using stock inner fenders (outer fenders are cut away)        

Solid, "Tubeless" Construction
DeFenders are fabricated entirely from CNC laser-cut, precision brake-formed 3/16" plate, either heavy duty P&O steel or lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum. Only one competitor manufactures a fender that's anything like the DeFender fabricated entirely of plate with no tubingbut their design leaves a vertical edge of the metal pointed downward, right at the tire. The DeFender has an extra "return", or lip along the underside of the fender, which provides better protection from cutting into a fully stuffed tire, while also lending extra strength to the outer edge of the fender, where it is most likely to come in contact with rocks, canyon walls, trees, etc.

DeFenders vs. "tube fenders"
DeFenders are not "tube fenders"they're better! Much of the Jeep armor industry was built upon Poison Spyder's original Tube Fender design, which has been borrowed, copied, and in some cases even improved upon, by many of our competitors. But now the state of the art in Jeep fender armor takes a giant leap forward with the DeFender product line. Rather than tube, the outer edges of the DeFender are brake-formed into a rugged 3-sided rub rail. Most "tube fenders" use a piece of .120" thick (just under 1/8") tubing as the outer edge rub rail, with 1/8" thick sheet metal top plates. Compare that to the 3/16" (.188") thick material of the DeFender which is carried throughout its structure, from the outer rub rail surface to the top plates to the mounting structure. The DeFender is not only much stronger than a tube fender, it looks much better as well, with smooth flat surfaces that blend better with your Jeep's exterior appearance.

Increased Front Tire Clearance
Even on the non highline version, the DeFender provides a much larger wheel opening than stock or some competitors' tube fenders. The back of the wheel opening, where larger tires tend to rub when the steering is at full-lock, is approximately 2 1/2" further back compared to typical tube fenders, and about 4" further back than the stock Jeep flares.

3" Tapered Flare
The DeFender with 3" Tapered Flare was designed for maximum performance in several aspects. First, it provides the same splash protection of our regular 3" flare, keeping mud and debris from splashing up onto the side of the Jeep. But rather than having a straight side, the edge of the flare tapers inward toward the front of the Jeep, in a line parallel to the tapered edge of the hood. In this manner it tapers from 3" at the back, to about the same width as our "Zero Flare" at the front, providing the same great clearance for articulating tires and tight trails that our Zero Flare provides. DeFenders are also available in standard 3" Flare, Zero Flare and Negative Flare versions.

DeFender Inner Fender Kit Optional Inner Fender Kit
DeFenders are designed to be able to re-use the stock inner fenders, for those who would like to save some money and not hassle with re-locating all of the fender-mounted accessories. For those who would prefer to replace the entire fender/inner fender assembly, Poison Spyder now offers the DeFender Inner Fender Kit. This is a 3-piece (per side) bolt-together assembly, made of CNC laser cut aluminum sheet. Please note that no accessory mounting holes or brackets are provided, as each installation is left to the discretion of the installer to decide where to mount components. Most stock inner fender-mounted components can be re-mounted to the DeFender Inner Fenders by simply drilling a hole and/or fabricating a simple bracket.

Steel or Aluminum?
DeFenders are available in either heavy duty steel or light weight aluminum (both 3/16" thick). We recommend steel for those Jeeps whose fenders are frequently in contact with the rocks. For those needing a great looking, light weight fender that's strong but not necessarily as hard core as the steel ones, aluminum is a great alternative.

Easy Access & Side Plate Options
Access holes in the side of the DeFender make it easy to access the area between the wheel well and the firewall during installation. After installation, these holes are covered with a choice of different side cover plates. For the simplest install, choose the DeFender Side Inserts, which fill the access holes in the side panels of the DeFender. DeFender Side Inserts are CNC laser cut from 1/8" aluminum plate. The Spyder logo cut-out acts as an air vent to promote airflow through the engine bay.

The Side Inserts are designed to bolt to the inside surface of the DeFender, using the supplied stainless steel button head hardware. For those who want more substantial armor protection, the DeFender Full Length Side Plates extend from the fender flare rearward to the door opening, and from the top of the Rocker Knockers up to the hood line. These Full Length Side Plates also provide extra bracing for the DeFender against frontal impacts, helping to prevent buckling of the weaker, stock tub sheet metal just rearward of the armored fender. DeFender Full Length Side Plates are CNC laser cut from 3/16" 6061-T6 aluminum plate.

Bolt holes are countersunk so that the supplied flat head stainless steel hardware lies flush with the plate's surface. The forward edge is cut to fit the enlarged wheel opening of Poison Spyder DeFenders, while the lower edge is is cut to nest against Poison Spyder Rocker Knockers or Ricochet Rockers (NOTE: the angle of the forward edge of the Full Length Side Plates may not precisely align with the forward edge of older versions of Rocker Knockers and Ricochet Rockersnewer, DeFender-specific Rocker Knockers or Ricochet Rockers are designed to match the angle of this forward edge more closely). DeFender Side Inserts and DeFender Full Length Side Plates are sold separately (must be added to your cart as a separate item), so you may choose which one best matches your needs (select one or the other, but not both).

Accepts Hi Intensity LED Marker Lamps
Replacing your Jeep's factory fenders also removes the factory side marker light formerly mounted in the fender flare. DeFender are designed with provisions for mounting a smaller, more discreet but high intensity 3/4" LED Marker Lamp. These lamps are available separately through Poison Spyder Customs, and are DOT approved for automotive use. Note that these LED marker lamps may be wired to function as either a marker/running lamp or as a turn signal, but not as both.

TJ Battery Lift Bracket
All TJ/LJ versions of the DeFenders come with a custom bracket for lifting the stock battery tray higher, to provide the extra clearance necessary for the DeFender's larger wheel opening. This bracket is CNC laser cut brake-formed and fixture-welded for an easy, clean installation.


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