Rubicon Express SYE KIT CV TJ/XJ 96+
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Rubicon Express SYE KIT CV TJ/XJ 96+

By: Rubicon Express
Part #: RE1807
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Product Description :

Stock Jeeps have a slip yoke style output shaft at the rear driveline. This design is not conducive to off road use nor the steeper operating angles caused by suspension lifts. To ensure smooth and durable driveline operation, convert to a fixed yoke output and install a CV driveshaft. A must on all lifts over 3.5". This kit requires the modification of your stock output shaft. Drill and tap included for easy installation. Drive flange is machined from solid Stainless Steel for extreme strength and corrosion resistance.

CV/double-cardan style driveshafts require the axle pinion to be rotated inline with the driveshaft. Shims or adjustable control arms are needed for this, depending on if you've got a leaf spring or coil spring suspension.

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