TNT Customs XJ Steering Reinforcement kit
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TNT Customs XJ Steering Reinforcement kit

By: TNT Customs
Part #: TNT-XSR
Our Price : $119.99
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Product Description :

The unibody surrounding the steering box doesn't come reinforced from the factory. It's really no different than the rest of the unibody. It's formed sheet metal with dowls welded into it to contain the bolts. These mounts were designed to endure daily driving to include the occational speed bump not descending a nearly verticle drop off in nothing more than a controlled fall.

Steering Box Brace Kit: The ultimate kit for reinforcing the uni-body where the steering box mounts. This kit includes the inner steering box brace and the driver’s side outer Bumper Mount Brace. The kit incorporates through uni-body crush sleeves, additional bolt holes, and the sway-bar bolts to secure your steering box in the best way possible.

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