TNT Customs U-Bolt Eliminators, 1.5" lift.
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Treks Offroad U-Bolt Eliminators.

TNT Customs U-Bolt Eliminators, 1.5" lift.

By: TNT Customs
Part #: TNT-ABUBE15
Our Price : $149.75
Axle tube size :
   2.75" DIA tubes ($0.00)
   3.25" DIA tubes ($0.00)

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Product Description :

Treks Offroad U-Bolt Eliminators, 1.5" lift.

Available for axle tubes measuring 2.5" to 2.85" in diameter (TT-1090), or for axle tubes measuring 3.0" to 3.3" in diameter (TT-1091).

The flatter the leaf spring, the better it will flex. Instead of running those high-arch springs, consider an alternative that has worked for us for years. The UBolt Eliminator was designed to add a small amount of lift to your leaf spring vehicle while keeping everything above the differential tube. Doing so allows for an extremely clean install and a hang up free setup that will allow your suspension to work.          

Design Specs:
  • Adds 1.5-inches of lift
  • Will not spit out like a lift block
  • Wide design helps eliminate wheel hop
  • Can adjust wheelbase back 1 to 1 1/2 inches
  • Allows for pinion angle correction at install
  • Integrated bump-stop pad
  • CAD Designed and CNC cut
  • Supplied with shock relocation brackets
If you want monster flex, you need to stick to as flat of a rear spring as possible. Excessive arch can work against you. Better results can be obtained for a 5.5" lift as follows:

RE 3 1/2-inch leaves + 1 1/2-inch shackles + 1/2-inch UBolt Eliminators = 5.5-inch net lift

This Product Fits: Custom Applications, MJ, XJ, and YJ.

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