AirFlow Jeep Cherokee XJ Snorkel

AirFlow Jeep Cherokee XJ Snorkel

AirFlow Jeep Cherokee XJ Snorkel

By: Airflow
Part #: AIRFLOW-S034
Our Price: $399.00

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Product Description

AirFlow Jeep Cherokee XJ Snorkel

Features & Benefits of the Airflow Snorkel

  • Enhanced performance! Computer designed flow & shortest airflow path with least bends actually enhances engine performance. Some snorkels actually hurt performance.
  • Engine Protection from Water & Dust Raising the air intake point will prevent hydro-locking your engine if you find that water crossing deeper than you thought. Higher air intake point can stop a lot of trail dust from entering the filter.
  • Stylish, Off-Road Look Your XJ will have that unique look that only a snorkel can provide.
  • Lower Cost! Better airflow at less cost than the competitors!
  • Works with many aftermarket fender flares. Since the Airflow Snorkel sits higher on the fender, it works with many aftermarket flares (such as Bushwackers) when the competition won't! The Airflow Snorkel sits much higher on the fender. This allows you more room for those aftermarket fender flares!
  • Works with your factory fender mounted windshield washer bottle. The competitors product requires removal of the factory washer bottle, which is then replaced with their unit. This adds more time and unnecessary expense.

Will not work on Jeeps equipped with anti-lock brakes (ABS)

Check out the shorter air path of the Airflow snorkel. Straight through the fender and into the rear of the air box. The other snorkel available in the USA for your XJ has a much longer airflow path and more bends before reaching the air box. Airflow cfm testing actually shows a real performance enhancement, rather than a loss! This setup actually utilizes the full filtering area of your air filter better than a front entry set-up.


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