Artec Industries Coil Bracket Replacement for TJ/LJ/XJ/ZJ front axle

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Artec Industries Coil Bracket Replacement for TJ/LJ/XJ/ZJ front axle

By: Artec Industries
Part #: AI-TJ3015
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Product Description

Coil Bucket Replacement for TJ, LJ, XJ, or ZJ front axle. Retire those bent or rusted out OEM coil buckets, shock mounts, trackbar and anti-sway bar brackets with this new heavy duty bracket.

Artec Industries is excited to announce the Front Axle Coil Bracket Replacement for TJ, LJ, XJ, or ZJ. This bracket can directly replace your old, bent, rusted and wimpy OEM coil bucket while also providing the anti-sway bar, trackbar and shock brackets. The 3/16" thick bracket also has a stamped coil correction so that your coil spring sits perpendicular to your axle. Other companies have a flat surface for a not-flat coil spring which results in bowing and less than desirable performance.
Features include:

    Direct replacement for brackets on a Dana 30™ front end for a TJ, LJ, XJ, and ZJ. Also works on Rubicon Dana 44 on TJ and LJ.
    Fits exact width of factory bracket so other axle components (trusses, gussets, bolt on brackets) won't need modification. Other companies make a bracket but it doesn't match the factory width of the whole bracket.
    3/16" thick mild steel brackets are 50% thicker than factory brackets. Precision CNC cut and bent for great fitment.
    Includes all the attached brackets necessary to replace the factory coil buckets including shock mounts, anti-sway bar mounts**, steering stabilizer mount, and trackbar bracket.
    Add-on Lower Control Arm (LCA) Brackets available with both 9/16" hole and CAM slot style. Bracket design allows easy installation in factory position.
    Bracket pieces are tabbed and slotted to set exact position automatically. Complex CNC bent flanges make assembly straightforward and easy.
    Coil correction STAMPED into coil bucket for a flush standing coil. Others mount a not flat coil on a flat coil bucket resulting in bowing or leaning.
    Trackbar mount is adjustable for wider mounting width joints such as a 2.0" Currie Johnny Joint.
    Shock mounts are adjustable for shock end mounting widths.
    Perfect starting piece for swapping in a different axle, just modify the axle tube diameter.

NOTE: This kit requires general welding and fabrication skills. Welding should only be done by a competent welder. Artec Industries implies no guarantees or warranties and is not liable for improper installation.
*Some grinding and fitment may be required when installing this kit. Every axle varies slightly and some fabrication may be required. 

**NOTE: Some changes to factory positions have been altered. The Anti-sway bar bracket hole is 2.75" higher than factory hole to allow for clearance with crossover steering.

***LCA mounts sold separately.


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