JKS Bar-Pin Eliminators (BPE), rear upper

JKS Bar-Pin Eliminators (BPE), rear upper

JKS Bar-Pin Eliminators (BPE), rear upper

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Product Description

JKS Bar-Pin Eliminators (BPE), XJ/TJ rear upper

Does your Jeep® have that annoying rattle or thumping sound that you can actually feel coming from the floorboard through your feet?

You have tried tightening every suspension component you can find and nothing seems to help.

The "Bar Pin Eliminators" were designed to eliminate just this symptom.

Because of the O.E.M. bar pin design, this symptom will only get worse with time. With the O.E.M. bar pin there is no compression or preload on the bushing, which will let the bushing move freely within the shock loop eye. Any slight bump will be absorbed by the bushing before the bushing has a chance to transfer its load to the shock itself. This is what you are hearing and feeling.

The "Bar Pin Eliminators" will automatically preload the bushing to the desired dimension specified by bushing manufacturers. Compressing the bushing in this fashion actually distorts the bushing is such a manner as to fill the shock loop eye completely. Now there is no chance for any rattles or thumping noises.

The "Bar Pin Eliminators" change the shock length by only .40 inches.


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