JKS HD Extended Brake lines, XJ/TJ/ZJ Front

JKS HD Extended Brake lines, XJ/TJ/ZJ Front

JKS HD Extended Brake lines, XJ/TJ/ZJ Front

Part #: JKS2292
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Product Description

JKS HD Extended Brake lines, XJ/TJ/ZJ Front

22" long.  For 4-6" of lift on all Jeep TJ, XJ, MJ, and ZJ.

JKS now offers Jeep owners a solution to their vehicles' most vulnerable brake system component. HD Extended Brake Lines are direct replacements for the factory rubber brake hoses, and designed to exceed the demands of extreme Jeep applications. The heavy duty, 22" hoses virtually eliminate volumetric expansion to provide immediate brake pedal response and improved performance regardless of fluid pressure or temperature.

The flexible Teflon® inner core is chemically inert and unaffected by aging and atmospheric conditions. The inner core is protected by an exceptionally strong multi-layer Kevlar, elastomer and stainless steel braid. A translucent UV-protected vinyl jacket adds an additional layer of defense and corrosion resistance, and one-piece adapters are permanently crimped onto each end. All HD Extended Brake Lines are pressure tested to an incredible 4,500 PSI, and far surpass all DOT and MVSS-106 requirements.

Product Features:

High performance design eliminates soft, spongy brake pedal response of standard hoses

Extended 22" length accommodates lifted applications and extreme axle droop

Kevlar and stainless steel braided construction ensures dependable performance in the harshest environments

Teflon® inner core remains flexible and is inert to all approved brake fluids, including D.O.T. 5 silicone

Superior quality complies with federal D.O.T. regulations and is legal for all street and competition applications

Installation instructions: http://www.jksmfg.com/support/install_hd_brakelines_pn2292.pdf [pdf link]


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