JKS Rear Adjustable Coil Spring Mount kit, JK

JKS Rear Adjustable Coil Spring Mount kit, JK

JKS Rear Adjustable Coil Spring Mount kit, JK

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Product Description

JKS Rear Adjustable Coil Spring Mount kit, JK

As more and more Jeep owners discover the advantages of a CV rear driveshaft on Wrangler JK models, they are also encountering a few complications along the way. One of the most common and difficult to address is the impact that a rotated axle housing has on the rear coil springs. When the axle housing is rotated, so are the lower spring mounts. And when the upper and lower spring mounts are out of alignment, the coil springs buckle and bow unnaturally. On JK models this forces the passenger side coil spring into the rear track bar, creating a serious problem that will eventually cause at least one of these two vital components to fail.

Product Features

Establishes proper alignment of upper and lower spring mounts on vehicles with rotated axle housing

Prevents coil springs from bowing outward as suspension compresses

Eliminates interference between coil springs and rear track bar

Bolt-on design requires no welding for easy setup and installation

Compatible with Coil Spring Retainers and Rear Trackbar Brace available separately from JKS

Until recently, correcting rear spring mount alignment on vehicles equipped with a CV driveshaft has been a difficult challenge for JK owners. Fortunately, JKS Manufacturing now offers a solution to this problem that is both simple and affordable. Adjustable Spring Mounts install directly in place of the factory lower coil mounts on the rear axle housing. The folded, heavy-gauge steel brackets form extremely strong mounting pads that are easily adjusted to match the angle of the upper spring mounts. As a result, the coil springs are able to function as originally intended and interference with the rear track bar is eliminated.

Premium grade 1/2" U-bolts allow easy spring mount adjustment and installation without the need for any welding. In addition, the U-bolts feature rolled threads (20 per inch) for exceptional clamping strength and grade 5 locking nuts for extra security. Anti-corrosive coatings protect all parts and hardware from rust and deterioration.

Adjustable Spring Mounts are pre-drilled to accept JKS Coil Spring Retainers, an optional accessory that prevents the rear coil springs from becoming unseated. The product is also compatible with our latest Rear Trackbar Brace, which now features special U-bolt slots intended specifically to accommodate Adjustable Spring Mounts on both LHD and RHD applications.


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