JKS XJ boomerang lift shackles

JKS XJ boomerang lift shackles

JKS XJ boomerang lift shackles

Part #: OGS651
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Product Description

JKS XJ Boomerang lift shackles

The OE spring shackles should be replaced on Cherokee XJ models any time longer leaf springs are installed for the benefit of increased suspension travel. The shape and size do not allow enough shackle "swing" to take advantage of the additional spring length. By inhibiting proper spring operation, ride quality and performance suffer and related suspension components wear prematurely. Alas, the benefits of longer leaf springs can not be truly realized unless accompanied by a proper shackle upgrade.

Optimizes rear suspension travel by allowing full compression and extension of leaf springs

Prevents binding and bushing fatigue commonly associated with OE and inferior shackle designs

Increases rear ride height for improved tire clearance

Heavy duty construction ensures correct operation of springs and bushings under severe off-road conditions

Durable powdercoat finish provides long-lasting protection

Our XJ Shackle is specifically designed to optimize rear suspension travel on Jeep® Cherokees. The extended length and boomerang design allows full compression and extension of the leaf springs, in addition to increasing rear ride height by approximately 1".

XJ Shackles utilize a heavy duty 0.25" steel construction that is laser cut, CNC formed and MIG welded for exceptional strength and accuracy. The rigid one-piece construction prevents premature bushing fatigue, a common problem on Jeep Cherokees with inferior shackle designs.

Greasable Dura-Thane bushings and hardware are included for the chassis end of each XJ Shackle for smooth, quiet operation and easy lubrication. A durable powdercoat finish is applied for corrosion resistance.


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