LubeLocker 4 Speed Auto 42RLE

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LubeLocker 4 Speed Auto 42RLE

By: LubeLocker
Part #: LLT-A042
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Product Description

LubeLocker 4 Speed Auto 42RLE

Designed for uncompromising quality and performance in high demand motorsports, LubeLocker Gaskets are without equal. Rock crawlers, drag racers, and circle track, and desert race patrons will recognize the quality of the rubber coated, steel core construction. LubeLocker’s signature orange elastomer beading emphasizes our single-minded purpose: to be the best differential gasket.

Tired of scraping the mess silicone sealant leaves behind on the transmission pan? Ever had to wail on the cover with a hammer to break it free? Service shops will save time on installs, and shadetree mechanics will get the job done quicker and with less hassle. In addition, customers are less likely to return with leaky pans. All vehicles deserve clean, grit free transmissions with no oil seepage. Keep the paper in the desk drawer and throw away your RTV—LubeLocker Gaskets are the only transmisison pan seal you need.


  • Gasket installs "DRY” – no sealant needed
  • Will not split or extrude during installation
  • Full perimeter elastomer beading on BOTH sides
  • Steel base material
  • Superior torque retention
  • Cover will not stick to housing
  • No "set up" time


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