Old Man Emu Shock - XJ - Front Heavy - single

Old Man Emu Shock - XJ - Front Heavy - single

Old Man Emu Shock - XJ - Front Heavy - single

By: Old Man Emu
Part #: OMEN35
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Product Description

Old Man Emu Shock - XJ - Front Heavy - single

These shocks have been discontinued and replaced by the NitroCharger Sport series shocks.

Australia's unique driving conditions call for a different approach to shock absorber design. Invariably, vehicles are heavily loaded, fitted with accessories and driven on harsh Outback roads for prolonged periods.

When developing shock absorbers, Old Man Emu takes all these factors into consideration. This is reflected in the superb structural integrity of Nitrocharger shocks, along with the fact they are properly valved for the conditions they will be required to work under.

This experience in setting the most appropriate valving is what really sets the Nitrocharger apart from its competitors. OME engineers have extensive knowledge in this field as they specialize in nothing else but 4WD suspension systems. When developing a shock absorber, consideration is given to both original equipment and OME springs. In many cases, several shock absorber applications will be listed for one vehicle to ensure the proper match regardless of spring selection, installed accessories or load carrying requirements.

While OME Nitrochargers will improve overall ride performance when fitted with standard springs, more substantial benefits can be achieved when fitted in conjunction with OME springs. Improved ride, load carrying characteristics, and wheel travel are all benefits of such a combination.

Used by 4 wheelers throughout the world, OME Nitrochargers set the standard in ride comfort over any terrain and simply outperform the competition.


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